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Vir, Otok Vir, Hrvatska
Vir, Otok Vir, Hrvatska
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Vir, Otok Vir, Hrvatska
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The first historical records of Vir reach back to 1069 relating to Charter of the Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV. In this document, better-known as Mare Nostrum Dalmaticum, the island of Vir was named "Ueru" and "Veru" for which the historians presume its old -Mediterranean origin meaning "pasture".

Thera are more than seven thousand resort-houses on Vir today. If meausered by the number of its guests in the summer months, Vir became a tourist place of many contrasts, so that some people call it thance "The island of Contrasts". Nature at its purity can be seen on Vir, from pasture glades to magnificent pine-woods and other Mediterranean vegetation, cultivated vineyards, fields and gardens, the intact meadowlands, valleys down to the karstic hills slightly above one hundred meters, arranged in a chain from the south-west to the north-west of the island, from sandy to rocky beaches, from leveled to steep shores, from old Mediterranean houses to modern luxurious villas, from stony paths and macadam to asphalt roads, from serene ancient places to lively streets bursting with night-life, from crowded beaches to secluded bays.

Vir has become the administrative center of the island, aiming to improve the quality of life on the island equally for its inhabitants and its numerous visitors, who enjoy there troughout the year. The average annual temperature is above 15 C, the average July-temperature about 25 C, whereas the lowest temperature is that in January about 6,5 C. The healthy climate conditions on Vir have definitely had influence on the well-being and life-expectation of the islanders. Along the indented coast of Vir there are pebbly and sandy coves partly situated near pine groves and surrounded by crystal clear sea waters, making this island a perfect place for a family holiday.

The nearby two seas-northern and southern - allow a pleasant feeling of bathing in the summer, even by the summer winds: warm wind jugo on the northern and bora on the southern beaches. The stony coast in the nort-west part of the island, which is abundant in marine flora and fauna, offers an attractive place for deep-sea divers. Numerous bays and inlets with piers enable the yachting visitours to go ashore on their way in the string of 300 islands and islets towards the National Park Kornati.

On Vir, tourist accommodation is offered primarily in private family houses, rooms and apartments or in entire resort-houses, often with their own berths. The island of Vir is still no place of big hotels. Restaurants and cafes with terraces in the shade, traditional konoba wine-cellars, disco-club, domestic folklore, various shops, medical service, pharmacy, tourist-office, exchange-office, rent-a boat, colorful heaps of fruit and vegetables on the market-place, fish store, and finally daily Masses for the spiritual strength, contribute to higher quality and a more attractive presentation.

The island of Vir and its citizens wish you a warm welcome and invite you to discover and enjoy the beauty of our "Island of Contrasts".
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